The MANEX Group

The MANEX Principals

Ray M. Mouton

Mr. Mouton, a graduate of the University of Michigan School of Engineering, is a seasoned executive with over thirty years experience in general management, operations, planning, and finance. Clients include CEOs from financial services, high-tech, manufacturing, and distribution industries. He has managed several high-growth companies in a variety of industries. Mr. Mouton serves on the boards of three companies.

Contact Mr. Mouton at:
or (760) 767-4390.

Adriana M. Boeka

Ms. Boeka is a senior executive with over twenty years experience in general management, operations, finance, and sales. She has achieved record profit and growth results within the financial services industry. As a skilled leader, she has the ability to bring people together to achieve superior results. Ms. Boeka serves on the board of a leading independent bank and is a director of the Independent Colleges of Southern California. She is serves as mentor at the Center for Excellence in Education.

Contact Ms. Boeka at:
or (310) 284-7908.

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